Managing Risk – Part 1

Successfully Integrating ERP | Blog 6 Managing Risk – Part 1 Bonjour, Implementing an ERP system is a risky endeavor for various reasons. Management and project managers often have to walk the tight rope. Continuing this series of blogs, we’ll explore some of those risks and discuss ways you can reduce or manage them. One…

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K-eCommerce : Quick guide to omnichannel optimization for B2B

A quick guide to omnichannel optimization for B2B businesses: bridging the Gap between your Online Business and Inventory Management To build a successful B2B sales platform, you must understand the nuts and bolts of inventory management. However, manually managing inventory spread across multiple warehouses, suppliers or distributors can be a dizzying task. Learn more in…

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ClickDimensions Demonstration

Transform your marketing for this new digital world ClickDimensions is the marketing automation platform that is exclusively created for and natively built in Microsoft Dynamics 365. It brings together essential marketing tools to help organizations attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers. It provides a comprehensive marketing intelligence to unify and…

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