Optimize your field operations

with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a complete Field Service Management solution from Microsoft. By implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service with us, your organization will receive everything to successfully carrying out work on-site at the customer’s location – from the optimization of service request scheduling in order to dispatch the right resource at the right time, to the predictive maintenance.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 field service crm
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service - CRM - customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

by delivering exceptional customer experiences

Our solutions, based on Dynamics 365 technology, will allow your organization to attain a full organizational alignment between Sales, Marketing, Customer and Field Service teams for all customer records, so the service requests can be resolved the first time and with maximum efficiency.

Simplified form of operation: Dynamics 365 Field Service


Scheduling and Optimization

Field Service provides functionalities to automatically schedule and assign resources based on appropriated expertise, assets and equipment required to fulfil the service request, customer location and workload. It also optimizes routes to minimize drive time enhancing technician’s productivity and reducing operational costs.


Empowering Technicians

Field Service mobile capabilities provide field technicians with 360-degree visibility of customer information improving resolution time and customer satisfaction. In addition, the use of HoloLens mixed reality headsets is allowing technicians with real-time guidance anywhere and at any time.



Field Service provides functionalities to apply predictive analysis from IoT devices and sensors allowing proactively detect, diagnose and automatically generate work orders to solve the issues quickly and efficiently.


Customer Engagement

Field Service keeps customers fully informed during every stage of service request through automated messages and reminders, real-time technician location tracking as well as self-service customer portal.


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