Why deploy on Vokeso's Azure Cloud?

In order to offer complete and adapted solutions to our customers, we also offer a hosting service on the Azure cloud for the software solutions deployed by our team. Vokeso is a Microsoft certified provider of cloud computing solutions designed for SMBs.

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Vokeso’s Azure infrastructure proves to be a valuable deployment option for a company undertaking an ERP project.

Peace of mind

Benefit from a corporate IT infrastructure without having to manage your own servers locally.

Stay in control

Always have access to your Data Warehouse, unlike a fully managed hosting service.

Take a look at our Business Central deployment options comparison guide.


What is Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a public cloud with over 100 interconnected data centers around the world.

Each data center has thousands of servers.

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Azure's Benefits

Improve the security and compliance of your organization’s data

Modernize and grow with an agile and intelligent cloud infrastructure

Manufacturing– Eliminate downtime and increase efficiency with better predictable maintenance

Finance– Minimize losses with more accurate fraud detection and assess exposure to asset and market risks

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