Understand how it works

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a world-class CRM solution that provides functionalities for managing key strategic aspects related to customers: sales, marketing, service, and support. A scalable solution able to support the growth of any company size.

Customers are the first priority

Dynamics 365 Sales offers to sales representatives the resources to build a relationship of trust with customers through an adequate understanding of their needs and expectations, and this, from the first interactions.

Opportunity management, customer acquisition, and customer retention are, for most organizations, both a great challenge and the key to success. There are tools that allow sales and after-sales teams the opportunity to share information in real time and optimize their work.

Simplified form of operation: CRM


Data Analysis

Identify patterns, trends, and key metrics to make better business decisions based on your own business intelligence.


Staff commitment

Sharing information among team members provides significant efficiency gains and improves performance. It is recommended to create a motivating and engaging sales environment for employees through a transparent approach and with positive reinforcements.


Customer management

Through bilateral integration, customer information, proposals, invoices and other elements are shared between CRM and ERP, increasing process efficiency.


Sales performance

Sell smarter. All team members will be able to maximize their efforts to develop a more powerful sales process using various data and key indicators, such as customer retention rate or acquisition ratio, which will measure the business performance.



Quickly know the status of sales and relationships with customers and prospects.

Rate and track all interactions with customers.

Generate proposals and invoices through Dynamics 365 Sales, then send these documents to the ERP system.


Share information in real time on a unified platform for sales and service.

Track projects, cases and schedule field teams’ appointment within Dynamics, while having a centralized point for knowledge base and customer information.

Integrated with a portal solution for customer self-service and other portal-based solutions.


Gain a more productive customer-facing team with a platform that unites them all and optimizes their work and communication.

Use a convenient and interactive dashboard to view your business intelligence in real time before making your decisions.

Flexible pricing

Small and large businesses can easily opt for Dynamics 365 Sales thanks to various pricing option, both on-premises and online. Regardless of budget, we are committed to always offering the best CRM solution for your needs and expectations.

Personalized support

The organization has the ability to host Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales directly on its own server or in the Microsoft Cloud. For the entire deployment, you will be able to count on our help and support, from business reviews to post-deployment assistance and continuous improvement of processes.


Marketing for Dynamics 365

The most powerful and user-friendly marketing tool, native to Dynamics 365 Sales, ClickDimensions allows you to manage everything from email blast to landing pages and proactive workflows, without needing any code.

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