Integrated for efficient management

Seamless integration between an e-commerce platform and an ERP system provides a company with better control over its business processes, increased operational agility, and the ability to continue to grow.


Benefits for
your customers

  • User friendly experience
  • 24/7 self-service
  • Product catalog, payment terms, and custom pricing
  • Simplified cash discount management
  • Real-time inventory display
  • Recurring orders
  • Order history
    And much more…
work office

Benefits for
your business

  • Automate your operations
  • Eliminate manual tasks
  • Reduce errors
  • Optimize order production and shipping
  • Integrate with carriers to optimize parcel delivery
  • Generate new revenues
    And even more…


The enterprise resource planning system implemented in your organization will also have a big role to play. In fact, your ERP solution becomes the only real source of information, allowing you to achieve greater accuracy, optimize processes, and simplify the exchange of information between your work teams.


(Sana Commerce & Sapio Research, 2019)

Where does your company stand?

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No e-commerce functionality?
No ERP integration?
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Lead two projects at the same time

ERP & e-Commerce

Our team is made up of experts in ERP and e-commerce software solutions. Thus, we are able to support your company to carry out these 2 projects simultaneously with success.

Turn-key service

Best work methodology

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that collaboration between our in-house experts will eliminate silo work and poor communication between different teams.


K·ecommerce powered by mdf commerce - Vokeso Partner

About de K-eCommerce

Based in Northville, MI and Montréal, Canada, k-eCommerce is an industry leader in all-in-one e-commerce and payment solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamics. Since 1999, we have been assisting companies with their digital transformations. k-eCommerce simplifies and accelerates online sales and payments, offering businesses of all sizes a complete omnichannel e-commerce solution supporting both B2B and B2C engagement.

With the acquisition of k-eCommerce and the synergy of k-eCommerce and Orkestra, Mediagrif is strengthening its market leadership position in the digital commerce landscape. Orkestra products serve the needs of enterprise-level e-commerce platforms in the retail space, while k-eCommerce provides ERP-integrated e-commerce and payment solutions to SMBs.

Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc. (TSX:MDF) enables the flow of commerce by providing a broad set of SaaS solutions that optimize and accelerate commercial interactions between buyers and sellers. Our platforms and services power businesses around the world, allowing them to generate billions of dollars in transactions on an annual basis. Our strategic sourcing, e-commerce, supply chain collaboration, and e-marketplace solutions are supported by a strong and dedicated team of more than 500 employees based in Canada, the United States, Denmark, Ukraine, and China.

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E-commerce encompasses all the online sales activities of an organization, including all transactions made online by a customer to obtain goods and/or services. In other words, it is a sales channel through which a company sells its goods and/or services directly to consumers.

A system designed to create and manage an online store. An e-commerce platform offers all the necessary functionalities to easily manage the content of a website and/or an online store; it's called a content management system (CMS).
Examples: WordPress, Shopify, Magento, K eCommerce, Sana Commerce, etc.

Website intended to provide exclusive information for limited use by a specific user segment. The use of a web portal also applies to vertical markets such as retailers, distributors, partners, etc.

(Detlor, 2004)

A website that provides a way to facilitate shopping between users and merchants through a virtual storefront; eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Etsy are examples.

There is a wide range of e-commerce platforms on the market. Each of them has its advantages, disadvantages, list of features, etc. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the differences between all the available options… So maybe we're your solution?

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