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Building a long-term relationship with our customers is our priority

We commit to offering you the added value your organization deserves. We truly listen and care. The achievement of your objectives is our primary focus and the measure by which we differentiate ourselves.

Our team effectiveness is built around the vast experience of our consultants combined with training and mentorship programs. As a Microsoft partner… we need to lead!

We endeavor to be recognized for our professionalism and expertise in our domain. To that effect, we instinctively opt for quality over quantity.

Intelcom - customer testimonial - Vokeso -

The quality of the team I worked with at Vokeso was really their commitment to wanting to succeed together with us. The team was always in solution and innovation mode, ready to support us in our difficulties that we could have known during the project… This was really appreciated from the team because we were able to get to a better solution.

Translation of an original testimony in French

'' Catherine Marquis Finance Director Intelcom Express Canada
NPSG Global - Customer testimonial - Vokeso

Sylvain (a.k.a. “Sly”) and his team have spent the last 18 months delivering excellence and responsive solutions to our Business Central needs and requirements. The entire team at Vokeso has been very accommodating with their services and communications with my team.

We switched to Business Central, away from Quickbooks in 2019- starting our hosting with another company. While that partnership ended with the system in a state of ‘limbo’, we connected to Vokeso and they had us on course and working within a month. From there, we have collaborated with them to better match our needs with expansions, and application development.

We have been pleased with the work, availability, and responsibilities the Vokeso team assumes each day. I do recommend Vokeso for hosting and development with BC/NAV.

'' Darin Peters Global Data Systems Administrator NPSG Global


Our own success depends on the success of our customers

Intelcom - customer testimonial - Vokeso -

Initial situation: logistics system that had been developed to invoice and compensate (pay) drivers.

Goal: Integrate financial processes into the ERP in order to benefit from better contract management and cost control.

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