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Four basic key Performance Indicators for Professional Services Organizations – Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Hi. My name is Sylvain Lafond, President of Vokeso. I would like to share with you four basic KPI’s that service companies need to focus on to measure continued health and growth. They are customer conversion rate, utilization rate, project margin, and repeat business rate.

The customer conversion rate measures your ability to transform leads into actual sales, into contracts and business. If your conversion rate is too low, you might be running out of work at any given time. So this would tell you to increase the number of leads in your pipeline so to increase your marketing effort.
The utilization rate tells you how many billable hours there are over the total number of hours your employees work. And you would want your rate to be somewhere around 70%, I’d say between 60% and 80% as a general rule since we also need to train them and there are meetings from time to time, and none billable work that happens.
Your project margin speaks for itself. It’s your job cost, it’s how good you’re doing for each project. And it’s important to measure the performance on each project so that you can possibly identify certain types of projects that are not really profitable for you. You might think they are, but in the end, you find out that you should focus your efforts on other kinds of business that actually helps you succeed.

And finally, the repeat business rate is how able are you or how good are you at having your customers return. The more customers come back, the more your customer base grows, and it also gives you an indication that you’re doing a good job.
Those are obviously just four of many services KPI’s that you can rely on. But my question to you at this time is, how many KPI’s can you currently measure in your existing business with your system?

At Vokeso, we are a service company, we understand your challenges, we understand you operate in a highly competitive market. You don’t wanna run blind, and you certainly don’t wanna leave any hours on the table. We can help you with our solution based on Dynamics NAV to improve your effectiveness, improve the information that is available to you for KPI’s and for measuring performance and making those important decisions. Don’t rely on basic accounting packages, we know they just don’t cut it. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us and find out more about how we can help you. Thank you.



Hi, my name is Sylvain Lafond, President of Vokeso. In today’s video, I will introduce you to some of the key elements of our Microsoft Dynamics solution for service companies. This solution relies on Dynamics NAV and CRM, as well as some other Microsoft tools.

So it is highly adaptable, scalable, and it easily integrates with outside systems. You can use it to follow your sales cycle, manage and bill your projects. So track budgets versus actuals. It supports multiple invoicing cycles such as Time & Material, Fixed Fee, and Sprints. You can use it to schedule and manage the workload of your people, graphically, that is. You can also rely on it to control expenses. And finally, it helps you handle payroll and human capital.

All of this in a flexible offering that can be deployed on your own equipment, on-premise, in the cloud, and can also include mobility. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to find out how this solution can help you. Thanks for watching.

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