Acquiring and managing your workforce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a powerful tool to take your organization’s human resources management to the next level. As well as Office 365, this cloud solution is part of the famous Microsoft world-class product family. The application provides HR professionals with a number of functionalities to help them attracting the best candidates, improving the onboarding experience of new employees, empowering personnel by measuring individual performance and developing new competencies.

Hire faster, enable staff success, build high-performance teams

With its streamlined processes, the Dynamics 365 Human Resources application offers a centralized solution that unifies all HR-related functions of the organization in a meaningful way to all – managers, HR professionals, prospective candidates, and staff.

Simplified form of operation: Dynamics 365 for Talent


Attract the best people

Using fully integrated with LinkedIn platform that allows hiring managers to create and post vacancy notices, select top candidates; allows all stakeholders, including interviewers and candidates, to participate in a collaborative and transparent interview process with communication, automated interview scheduler, and feedback functionalities.


Engage your workforce

Through the personalized onboarding experience, intelligent guidance, comprehensive benefits, and compensation programs and training processes to meet future career demands.


Measure your employees’ performance

From the centralized and comprehensive view of profile-based worker information and up-to-date performance dashboards.


Grow your business success

By empowering and developing your employees with new competencies and perspectives, sustaining and nourishing the organizational knowledge through the increased personnel engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

Services and Support

At Vokeso, we have a team of experts ready to analyze your needs and quickly implement Dynamics 365 Human Resources within your company. Together, we will evaluate and establish the project schedule based on the size of your organization, the number of employees and the complexity of your HR processes. You can count on our collaboration and support for the entire deployment, from business review to post-deployment assistance and continuous improvement of your business processes.

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