Business Central (previously NAV)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integrates into Office 365. Users will navigate through a familiar interface. With interconnected data sources and automated communication between systems, the organization can evolve to a centralized model where knowledge and information are shared and accessible to all employees.
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Scalable solution

No matter the field of expertise or the level of complexity of your industry, we can easily adjust Dynamics 365 Business Central to any business needs. Certainly, the company will be able to grow, evolve and transform itself by using a modern and extensible platform.

SIMPLIFIED FORM OF OPERATION: connected business with Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will centralize and interconnect an organization’s activities, including finance, operations and sales to simplify and improve all internal management processes. This will minimize complex and repetitive operations with a single source of data input and information storage.

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Better financial management

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, it’s possible to connect all data related to accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and even customer interactions providing a comprehensive view of your business.

Managers and employees will benefit from meaningful and relevant information that facilitates decision-making with business performance charts and personalized financial reports.


Process standardization

The workload of the accounting department will be reduced, for example, by allowing other employees to add documents related to invoicing while maintaining the necessary approvals and control.

The whole team will finally have the right tools to accomplish more tasks in less time.


Monitor the company’s performance

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you a better 360-degree view of your organization. Through analysis tables and key indicators, it will be possible to know the real performance of your company. This information can be very relevant when it comes time to make major decisions. It will be possible to maintain real-time control over the company’s health.

Better customer service

By prioritizing prospects based on revenue potential and by better tracking customer interactions, the sales team will benefit from valuable advice related to business opportunities. Having the tools to respond more effectively to service tasks and sales-related demands enables to offer exceptional service to customers.

Supply chain optimization

Good inventory management is essential for the company’s profitability. To do this, we must try to optimize stock levels and avoid losses and shortages. How do we get there? Dynamics 365 Business Central has built-in intelligence to forecast replenishment dates. In addition, an automatic calculation of stock levels, lead times and order points allows you to continually maintain the appropriate quantity of stock. Thus, the supply chain will be automated and more secure.

Optimized operations management

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides the tools to reach high-performance results in forecasting sales and out-of-stocks, order fulfillment, production capacity – everything related to business operations.

User friendly

Dynamics 365 Business Central’s interface can be adapted to users’ needs, making it easy to create and deploy Web and mobile applications. Moreover, those who already use some Microsoft software will immediately be familiar with the environment presented by Dynamics 365 Business Central. If not, adaptation will be very quick.

Available add-ons for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Productivity solutions

Insight Works is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that caters to the manufacturing and distribution industry offering end-to-end software applications ranging from procurement and warehouse management to manufacturing and shipping. Insight Works specializes exclusively in add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Products include mobile warehouse data collectionshop floor data collectioninventory managementintegrated shipping, scheduling and more.

Insight Works is headquartered in Canada and boasts a European presence in the Netherlands and remote offices in the United States. To learn more, visit

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Appropriate planning

NETRONIC offers three modules fully integrated add-in for Dynamics 365 Business Central:

Visual Production Scheduler allows to visualize the manufacturing planning and to react quickly if necessary via an intuitive drag and drop.

Visual Jobs Scheduler allows an easy and intuitive project management and visualizes jobs, job tasks and job planning lines and resources.

Visual Service Schedule allows plan & manage service resources and orders.

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Job Manager®

Job Manager® is a complete project management and costing solution that streamlines the management of BOMs and cost control for each engineering project. This tool makes it easy to manage resources and track work tasks.

JITbase partner Vokeso partenaire OPS

Optimal Path System – 'GPS for the Machinist'

JITbase is a leading Manufacturing 4.0 software maker that helps CNC machine shops improve their profitability, address the shortage of qualified machinists, and help with physical distancing on the shop floor (COVID-19).

Their Optimal Path System (OPS) software calculates in real-time the optimal sequence of machinist’s activities on the shop floor and guides them with a GPS-type display. CNC machine operators can therefore manage more machines and make better informed decisions that lead to increased uptime. JITbase OPS positively complements machine monitoring and advanced planning scheduling (APS) solutions, or it can be implemented as a standalone system.

Payroll and Human Resources for Microsoft 365 Business Central

NaviPayroll from Serenic Software, a Sylogist company, is an integrated payroll management and human resources add-in for businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is a flexible solution designed to work with businesses in any industry— from manufacturing and services, to distribution and retail.

Key features are Payroll Processing, Tax & Compliance, Human Resources, Applicant Tracking & Employee Self-Service.

To learn more, visit or

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NAV is now named Dynamics 365 Business Central

As NAV, Business Central is an integrated enterprise management solution.

Seamless transition

If you are currently using NAV and have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact us.