Solution : Event Management Framework

Event Management Framework (EMF) is a unique solution for managing business systems. EMF offers a set of tools to customize the solution according to the specific needs of the company. This solution provides a 360 view of the organization’s activities and growth. In addition, EMF supervises activities, analyses various data sources according to predefined parameters and makes recommendations for improvement to enable the company to better organize itself and be well equipped to react to all possible situations.

Alert management

With Event Management Framework, you can customize alert settings to track a specific process, for example, or anticipate events such as late delivery, duplicate invoices, incomplete customer records, and more. Notifications can also be sent to the concerned person in real-time for an immediate follow-up.

Supply chain management

Aptean’s reports and dashboards provide a real-time view of the company’s operational performance. EMF takes care of calculating and presenting clear et meaningful data tables; Enjoy, one task less to do!

In short, Event Management Framework is designed to deliver a turnkey solution to the company in terms of monitoring its systems and preset alerts in order to facilitate and prevent events that could compromise the efficient running of its activities.

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