Business management solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that integrates all internal business processes, such as sales, finance, accounting, supply chains, production, operations, and more. This Integrated Management software solution can be customized to the needs and specificities of the industry in which the company operates.

Understand how it works

Dynamics NAV will centralize and interconnect an organization’s activities, including finance, operations and sales to simplify and improve all internal management processes. This will minimize complex and repetitive operations with a single source of data input and information storage.


Process standardization

The workload of the accounting department will be reduced, for example, by allowing other employees to add documents related to invoicing while maintaining the necessary approvals and control.

The whole team will finally have the right tools to accomplish more tasks in less time.

Monitor the company's performance

Dynamics NAV gives you a better 360-degree view of your organization. Through analysis tables and key indicators, it will be possible to know the real performance of your company. This information can be very relevant when it comes time to make major decisions. It will be possible to maintain real-time control over the company’s health.

Project Management

The Dynamics NAV module allows you to complete day-to-day project management tasks, including resource planning, budget management, task progression, and more.


By using time sheets, it is possible to track the number of hours each employee has spent per task and also per project.

Expense Management

Stay in control of your expenses with our expense management module to manage approvals, taxes and apply Quebec and Canadian accounting rules.

Payroll Processing

Dynamics NAV’s payroll module is currently available for Quebec and Ontario.

Document management

Various solutions allow you to attach documents to your transactions and improve your processes thanks to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as well as the massive sending of invoices.

Available add-ons for Dynamics NAV

Job Manager®

If you work in a complex manufacturing area where each order represents a different project, we have the module you need. Manage your BOMs and control the costs of each engineering project with Job Manager® from Cost Control Software.

Financial management

The financial modules developed by Elysys provide access to a rich suite of financial management, wealth and loans management functionality.

Elysys Wealth (Wealth management module)

Geared towards Asset managers, funds, family offices and private banks.

Elysys BI, business intelligence, for financial analysis complete and adapted: Time Weighted Return, Net Asset Value, Standard deviation, and much more.

Elysys Loans (Loans management module)

Designed for loans, lease, revolving credit in NAV.

Suitable for the traditional finance, structured finance, and alternative finance sectors.

Jet Reports provides access to data quickly, and effectively: pre-built reports, dashboards, automated data warehousing, etc.

Proper planning

PlannerOne© is a suite of integrated web components certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Two modules are offered to maximize planning performance:

Production Scheduler

Improves productivity;

Deliveries in time;

Offers the tools to be proactive during unplanned events;

Reduce inventories and production costs.

Resource Planner

Optimize project management;

Balances conflicts of resources, capabilities and goals;

Graphic: Tasks allocation.

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