Wealth Management: Solution overview

Microsoft Dynamics NAV overview for the Wealth Management industry.

Solution overview

Hi. My name is Sylvain Lafond, president of Vokeso.

As an investment firm, you face rising fees, multiplying regulations, and the challenges of diversification. Do you really want to add technology to all that? Whether you’re a hedge fund, a family office, or any business, for that matter, we all face the digitalization era.

Is it possible that you may be one the nearly 50% of companies in your industry who feel that they need to improve their technical environment to obtain better reporting and analysis capabilities? Can you track your net asset value in your current system? Do you need Excel to follow your orders? Or perhaps your existing solutions are too costly.

What if we told you there is a Microsoft solution that handles accounting, wealth and loan management while integrating with Office 365 and sales. That solution is called Dynamics NAV. It does not mean “net asset value”, but it can handle it.

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Wealth Management with NAV

Hi. My name is Sylvain Lafond, president of Vokeso.

If you are a Family Office, Asset Manager, Fund Manager, or Venture Capital Firm, we have the solution for you. Our solution is a seamless blend of Microsoft Dynamics NAV installed in more than 160,000 customers around the world and Elysys, a solution especially tailored for your industry.

With this solution, you get to manage your end-to-end investment activities, and, in one package, you get front, mid, and back office. So, manage all your asset classes in a multi-currency, multi-company environment which supports investment accounting and financial assets aggregation. So, what we do is Investment Management, Fund Administration, and Treasury Management. You can also rely on our risk and compliance module to stay in control and stick to your mandates.

Finally, our system will provide you with structured and vital information for your decision-making process and to keep track of your performance. To find out more, please reach out to us as soon as possible. Thank you.

Wealth Management

Microsoft Dynamics solution for Family Office, Asset Manager, Fund Manager, or Venture Capital Firm.


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Gained benefits for members of your organization


With rich investment tracking functionality, as an asset manager, you can use our powerful business intelligence (BI) functionality to run a deep and in-depth analysis of asset performance.


As a fund administrator, you can manage your funds with ease and use valuation tools to generate valuations and provide accurate and up to date reports to your stakeholders.


With a familiar Microsoft accounting solution that integrates seamlessly to your investment back office and middle office asset management activities, you can be confident that you will have access to timely data when and where you need it.

Integrated investment accounting solution

We provide an investment accounting solution that is built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The world leading ERP / financials solution for SMBs. With over 160,000 customers worldwide, you can rest assured that you are using a best in class solution to run investment accounting.

Structured financial data

You have access to all your financial and investment accounting data in a structured and easy to use solution. Use dimension cubes to slice and dice data. You can also connect visualization tools to our own multi-dimensional cubes to create dashboards and rich visuals to analyze your investment and accounting data stores.

Enhance user experience

Wealth Management software and financial software don’t have to be hard to use. With a familiar Microsoft interface that resembles a Microsoft Outlook dashboard and a rich user interface that serves role-tailored experiences, your users will get access to the investment and financial data that they need on the spot to make the right decisions.

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