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Hi, my name is Sylvain Lafond. I am VOKESO’s president and director of ERP practice. Today’s video is to introduce you to a solution, an ERP solution that’s been around for a while that you may not have heard about before. So, as you grow and evolve your business, you need the right tools to get the job done. This ERP is what it’s all about.

Let’s begin by talking a bit about your industry. The food and beverages industry is a cornerstone of the Canadian economy. You’ve had some struggles in the past decade, but people seem to agree that better times are ahead. And this, for you, means opportunities. Now, in order to jump on these opportunities, you probably will need to overcome challenges. You’ll need to adapt to evolving markets, changing technologies and so on.

Here are a few facts or little tidbits of information that may be interesting to you. Firstly, 30% of stable items are currently sold on promotion. This puts great pressure on pricing. It forces you to lower your costs. You may want to grab new territories to offset these lower prices. And, bottom line, you need to manage these various promotions, you need to be able to track them. Books tell you that you need to achieve 97% inventory accuracy. This is pretty significant and my question to you is, are you there yet? Manufacturing companies right now, the cost of poor quality can be between 5% and 30%, and 30%, that can be huge. So, are you ready, again, to address this potential issue?

We’re talking to you today about Ross ERP. This solution has been around for many years, more than 20 years. It’s a process manufacturing application especially geared towards food and beverage industry. There are customers around the world. It has a solid track record. A good example is Berner Food. Berner Food installed ROSS and went from producing cheese products to also including beverages in their portfolio.

Finally, a word on VOKESO. We’ve been deploying Ross for about 20 years. We are now a new VAR, value-added reseller, in Canada. We have a strong and dedicated staff. We’re here to help you and we understand your business. Thanks for listening.


OVERVIEW: Aptean Ross Key Features

Hi, my name is Sylvain Lafond, President of Vokeso. In today’s video, I’ll be talking to you about Ross ERP, a process manufacturing application designed specifically for the food and beverages industry.

Some of its important general features, it supports multi-company, multi-division, multi-currency, multi-warehouse, and multi-factor. So whether you’ll be a small organization with one physical location, or if you operate multiple sites, Ross can support your structure, and your business model. That being said, process manufacturing companies can be distinguished from a discrete manufacturing organization and that we make pizzas and cookies and beverages, instead of assembling together parts and components such as when you manufacture bicycles.

So you’re looking for very specific features in your application, in your ERP system. The first and probably the most important one is lot traceability. We wanna make sure that we can trace back a lot of an ingredient all the way to its arrival at the plant from where it’s gone to the customers as part of a finished good that we made. So Ross supports this whole traceability from the inbound raw materials, to the outbound finished goods, and it allows you to be effective should you ever have to go through a recall process.

Also, another very important feature of process manufacturing systems is that they need to support recipe-based formulation which Ross does effectively with a patented solution, that recipe-based formulation supports batch manufacturing, it supports flexible packaging, and also coproducts and byproducts.

Finally, throughout your manufacturing process, you want to be able to perform QC. You want to perform quality testing, so that can be done on inbound ingredients, any step during your manufacturing process, and also of course on products that you manufacture, whether they’d be bulk or finished goods. So Ross supports full QC testing, and it also supports product expiration.

So we’re Vokeso we’ve been implementing Ross ERP for 20 years, and we sell at the Canadian companies. Thank you for your attention.

OVERVIEW: Aptean Ross Key Features

This ERP is what it’s all about: Aptean Ross. Discovery in a few minutes which of your departments can be improved by using Ross, how it can help you overcome challenges in an evolving market using new and proven technologies.

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ROSS ERP is a powerful process manufacturing ERP with complete financial management, supply chain, and manufacturing coverage. Consult our solutions section to learn more.

Gained benefits for members of your organization

Executives & Management

Gain the ability to make better and faster decisions based on real time data coming directly from the shop floor.


Centralize and streamline accounting duties. Get accurate information to work with and improve reporting.

Manufacturing Director

Manage quality, follow the flow of goods in your factory, capture your costs effectively and start focusing on what really matters to you: being better at what you do best.

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ROSS is built to support hundreds of users and it is tailor made for your industry. Our team will be there to work with you every step of the way.


Aptean Ross ERP was built specifically for the process manufacturing industry. Food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical. This specialisation means that every function, every process, every window is built and optimised for you, out of the box.


Are you ready for a recall? Can you trace the origin of an active ingredient to its source in a matter of minutes? Can you easily find out where you shipped those goods?


Process manufacturing challenges differ from those of conventional discrete manufacturing plants. We know and understand that. So does ROSS ERP in offering you a comprehensive set of features that encompass your entire operation.


Aptean Ross ERP is a robust solution deployed in hundreds of enterprises just like yours around the world. Having the right partner to deploy is as important as the solution. Vokeso has been deploying Aptean Ross and providing continuous improvement and support to its customers for 20 years.

Our team will be happy to discuss with you about the right solution for your organization.